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Photo Gallery

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Launching RIBs at Tidal River  Launching RIB at Emerald beach Fish rock cave Cray inside Fish Rock cave Getting started
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Michelin Girl (Farlie) Nice hat (Farlie) Diving in Base Pool RIBs at Tidal River  camp Diving at Truck Lagoon (Bryan)
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Lots of Saki Bottles
18.1 inch gun shells for Yamato The Blue Hole Guam Lion Fish at Truk 5.3 Zodiac
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A perfect day Big Cray 4.7 RIB launching We teach them young (Winona) 5.3 zodiac
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Japanese Gas
Mask Fujikawa
Doug the Diver Arch at Mutton Bird Is (Lock Ard) The bow of the Eliza Ramsden Club Boat at Mutton Bird Is
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Club Boat in Loch Ard Gorge Club Boat being crained Popes Eye - Old Wife Barwon Heads Deep Dive Crew Gearing Up at Barwon Heads