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On 15 September 01 the club dived on the wreck of a Vultee Vengance which lies in 10 metres of water off Williamstown. The aircraft ditched in the Bay while on a training flight; it was then raised and stripped of parts and re-sunk. The above photo shows the aircraft in pristine condition. The club obtained a mud map of the wreck site from John Allen, which had been drawn up by Darren Salter some years ago, and the photo below was kindly supplied by Darren and the API Dive Club. Following the mud map marks to the wreck site led to some very interesting boat driving with one crew sure that they were on the mark but where only about 2ks out. In the end we dived on our mark in 10 m of water to find the plane had almost disappeared has compared to the below photo taken in the mid 90s. The site becomes very silted up if you are not one of the first down. Thanks to all and a big thanks to Terry for the rescue effort on the clubs weight which fell from my BC.

Article written Derek