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Miscellaneous Stuff

Top Ten Signs That It Is Time to Buy New Gear

10) The duct tape that connects your hose to the first stage is starting to look a little frayed.
9) You had split fins years before they were invented.
8) You notice a very familiar-looking gear bag floating off into the distance as the boat pulls away at 40 knots.
7) Your wetsuit has bell-bottoms and lapels extending out to your shoulders.
6) You see a regulator just like yours on the "Antiques Road Show."
5) Your regulator has a single-digit serial number.
4) The other divers on the boat start humming James Bond movie themes whenever you gear up.
3) Your dive computer is only PC-compatible with DOS 2.0 or Tandy systems.
2) The Smithsonian has placed a respectable bid on your helmet.
1) Your depth gauge measures in leagues.

Check out the top 10 reasons why you would dive during Cyclone season:

10) To refill your tank, just point it windward and open the valve.
9) You'll have your scuba gear handy when your hotel starts to flood.
8) Dive your front yard. charters needed!
7) Can check "all of the above" for dive conditions when filling in your log book
6) Faster current means you get to see more.
5) All the pretty fish swim in synchronised circles.
4) Save on airfare by drift diving home.
3) Your reef dive easily becomes a wreck dive. ..named after you!
2) Two words: "no tourists!!"
1) How much could it possibly cost to stay in a gymnasium with 2000 other