Port Phillip Bay
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What is slack water? The water in the bay is slack when there is no tidal flow. Unlike the open sea, slack water does not occur at high and low water, due to the narrow entrance to Port Phillip Bay. The ocean and the bay have different tidal conditions which causes water to flow into and out of the bay and only when the water levels are the same is the water slack. This occurs approximately 2 to 3.5 hours after high and low water and is measured at Port Phillip Heads. Slack water tide charts are available from most fishing, diving, boating and some book shops and are necessary to safely plan a dive in the Portsea/Queenscliff area of Port Phillip Bay.

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Information on dive sites near Port Phillip Heads can be accessed by right mouse clicking on the hot spots on the map of the Heads. Dive sites outside of the Heads and further up the bay can be accessed by clicking the links in the dive site list.

Links to Dive Sites:

Wrecks Boat Dives Shore Dives
George Roper Arthur's Seat/Dromana Cape Schanck
Batman Lonsdale Wall Sandringham Yacht Club
Loch Ard Quarantine Station Drift Koonya
RMS Australia Saw Tooth Drift Brighton Jetty
HMVS Cerberus Portsea Hole
Courier Peterborough/Bay of Isles
J class Submarines Corsair Rock
Eliza Ramsden North Wall/Spec Reef
Milora Popes Eye
Coogee Nepean Wall
Rotomahana Mushroom Rocks
Pioneer Outer Corsair Wall
VBH 54 Inner Corsair Wall